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About QarboGrow: 

QarboGrow is formulated with a technology that uses a special organic compound which has similar properties as chlorophyll. The technology behind QarboGrow enhances the photosynthesis rate of plants by 30%. This translates to 30% increase in plant growth, 25% reduction in crop cycle, and 20% increase in sweetness of fruits (pineapple). QarboGrow-treated crops have shown resilience to drought. It has the potential to benefit agriculture in countries which receive less sunlight.

Frequently asked questions for QarboGrow

  1. How does QarboGrow work on plants?
    Photosynthesis is the process of converting carbon dioxide into sugar under light, which is needed for plant growth. However, plants do not photosynthesize efficiently; only 2-4% of light is converted into sugar. QarboGrow is sprayed onto leaves once a week to enhance photosynthesis. It helps plants to photosynthesize more efficiently by up to 100%. This leads to faster and bigger growth. It is not a fertilizer, but it works well with all types of fertilizers. 
  2. Is QarboGrow a fertilizer?
    No, QarboGrow is not a fertilizer. It is a photosynthesis enhancer; a new technology developed in Universiti Putra Malaysia. It is compatible to be used with all types of fertilizers and pesticides.
  3. What types of plants are suitable to use QarboGrow?
    QarboGrow can be used for ALL types of plants because all plants photosynthesize. It can be used for all types of vegetables, herbs and fruiting plants.
    (The efficiency will depend on the type of plants. C4 plants benefit more from QarboGrow.)
  4. Are the benefits of QarboGrow the same with other organic fertilizers?
    QarboGrow is not a fertilizer. If the medium is nutrient-rich, using QarboGrow alone can boost plant growth. Using QarboGrow reduces the need to use excessive fertilizers which harm the environment.
  5. Can QarboGrow cause any adverse reactions to the plant, such as leaf burn?
    QarboGrow does not cause any adverse reactions unless the plant is severely deficient in water and/or nutrients. Ensure your plants are well hydrated (without over watering) and have access to sunlight/grow light.

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