To date, we have produced and sold about 1000 litres of QarboGrow to gardeners and agropreneurs, which helped
their plants to cumulatively remove an additional of approximately 180kg CO₂ from the air. 

Our impact metrics include:

Zero Hunger

> Increase in agricultural productivity (crop yield) and income of smallholder agropreneurs.

> Number of agropreneurs that adopt QarboGrow.

zero hunger

Sustainable Cities And Communities

Number of municipalities and communities that adopt our product, which indirectly improves air quality.


Responsible Consumption and Production

> Optimization of fertilizers usage to reduce excessive chemicals release to the environment.

> Quantity of organic materials upcycled in the production process.


We want to educate and create more awareness to the public, agropreneurs, and municipalities about the importance of using the photosynthesis enhancer. Not only can it prevent excessive release of chemical fertilizers which cause water and soil pollution, it also reduces CO₂ greenhouse gas from the air. We envision that the usage of our photosynthesis enhancer will be a norm for all agropreneurs and urban farmers in their agricultural practices, as well as municipalities in maintaining the city landscapes, gardens and parks.

Another ambition is that projects which use our photosynthesis enhancer can be considered as carbon offset or carbon credit programs.

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