Why QarboGrow? 

180kg Carbon Dioxide 

To date, we have produced and sold about 1000 litres of QarboGrow to home gardeners and agropreneurs, which helped their plants to cumulatively remove an additional of approximately 180kg CO₂ from the air

25% Reduction Of Chemical Fertilizer Usage

With QarboGrow, agropreneurs have avoided excessive chemical fertilizer usage which generates savings up to 25%.

30% Increase In Agricultural Productivity

By using QarboGrow, the smallholder agropreneurs have increased their agricultural productivity and crop yield, which translates to an increase in income.

50 Smallholder Farms

We target to impact 50 more smallholder agropreneurs in the upcoming 6 months to increase their agricultural productivity and crop yield.



Photosynthesis is a process where plants absorb sunlight and use the solar energy to convert carbon dioxide and water into oxygen and sugar (carbohydrate). This sugar is the source of food for plants which will be distributed throughout the plants to grow their stems, roots, leaves, flowers and fruits.



QarboGrow is formulated with a special organic compound that have similar properties as chlorophyll, the green pigment responsible for photosynthesis.

When sprayed onto leaves, it penetrates the leaves and interacts with chloroplast (which contains chlorophyll). The organic compound supports the natural process of photosynthesis by converting more photons and delivering more electrons to the photo-systems. This interaction helps in the electron transfer mechanism inside the leaves which results in the increase of photosynthesis rate of the plants.


About QarboGrow: 

QarboGrow is formulated with a technology that uses a special organic compound which has similar properties as chlorophyll. The technology behind QarboGrow enhances the photosynthesis rate of plants by 30%. This translates to 30% increase in plant growth, 25% reduction in crop cycle, and 20% increase in sweetness of fruits (pineapple). QarboGrow-treated crops have shown resilience to drought. It has the potential to benefit agriculture in countries which receive less sunlight.


What They Say About Us

Satoshi Washiya
President & COO of Autonomous
Control Systems Laboratory
(ACSL) Ltd.

" It seems like a magical technology! "

Dr. NorAzmi Alias
Technology Business Advisor,
AEGrow Lab

" QarboGrow is the much sought after technology for urban farmers to enhance plant growth in unprecedented way especially in low light condition."

Dr. Zetty
Universiti Putra Malaysia

" QarboGrow is a smart plant growth enhancer product which utilizes nanotechnology and is focusing
on accelerating the core process in plants, the photosynthesis, which will encourage plant growth
and increases yield at a reduced rate of water and light consumption. Amazing technology! "

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